Posted on: September 24, 2008 11:39 am

"Hi." "My Name is Plaxico, and I'm an........."

Let's just say it rhymes with glass-mole.  More quotes from AMFA (Arrogant M'F'ers Anonymous) to follow I'm sure.  And then a greatest hits CD with all the favorites:

- "I Do What I Want, so 'F' You"
- "Ego Like a Celestial Body"
- "Sob, Sob, I Want More Money"

Seriously Plax?  You cried all off season and refused to show up to MANDATORY camp activities because you were unhappy with your contract.  (Side Note:  Contract - A binding agreement between two or more persons or parties <Websters>)  You do remember your contract right?  It was that thing YOU signed to do a job for a certain period for a certain salary.  Refusing to show up to camp when required is one thing you've done to join the SIE (Self Important Egotist) Club.  Then for some reason the Giants decided to cave into your desires and give you a new deal.  That was 3 weeks ago right?  So please explain to me (or if unimportant little me isn't worth the effort - how about the media, fans, teammates, etc.) what your reasoning was for going no-show.  I'm guessing it wasn't a death in the family or some other such understandable circumstance, because if it were, I'd figure the organization would have gone down the road of understanding.......instead they suspended you.  I would have to question the relative intelligence of signing a person who had just demonstrated a willingness to be a distraction to the team to further their own means, but at the time I actually got in YOUR corner, and while I did not support your tactics, I felt that you were one of those players who had outperformed their contract and who deserved to have a chance to renegotiate a more reasonable deal.  Now I'm choking on that stance, if only because I felt the organization owed you some respect.  Going out on a limb here, but I can't imagine there are many fans (working class citizens especially) who would have any sympathy for you going forward.  Smaller limb.....I'll say that nobody I've spoken with has so much as tried to justify your actions.  This disrespectful action smacks of a man who (like many other NFL players) puts himself so much value on themselves and so little value on teammates, fans or their employers.  I would hope that going forward other teams learn from this incident and when one of the crybabies on their squad starts complaining about "new contract" and holding out, they don't cave to them.  Marvin Lewis took the stand against Ocho-Cinco this offseason and we saw who won that battle.  Regardless, I feel for the Giants organization that they're gonna have to choke down the rest of that 5 year deal they just gave you and deal with your temper-tantrums, because your value just took a hit.  I think owners and coaches (with a few exceptions) are starting to learn that a team of "me first" players is not a recipe for success.  It just breeds contempt in the organization and the fan base and it's just not worth it.  I'm sure I'm not the first and I'm sure I won't be the last to blast you for your childlike behavior, but if the shoe fits........cry about it until you get a better shoe and then refuse to wear it.
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