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Posted on: September 30, 2008 11:05 am

Random Thoughts (Part Deux)

Not so much dead man walking.  That's how I see Lane Kiffin as the sun breaks on Tuesday morning.  With each passing day his job security grows a little more, this week particularly.  From my way of thinking, if they wanted to make a change, Monday was the PERFECT day to do it.  There is the "second comeback loss" reason for the firing, but more importantly, with the bye week up and coming, the new head coach would have all that extra time to develop the chemistry before he has to lead them into battle.  I know there was a meeting of the minds and speculation was that it was a replacement interview, but I'm buying into the story that it was a change of direction meeting.  I could be wrong.  We are dealing with Al Davis here, but for better or worse, whatever decision is made regarding Kiffins future with Oakland, I wish the organization would make it publicly and get behind it.  The looming threat of firing Lane has become, at least in my mind, a bigger distraction than dealing with the fallout of firing him or getting behind him.  I can't say for sure, but maybe.....just maybe, stopping all the squabbling, drawing a hard line and moving forward decisively would better serve the organization than the continuation of the chaos we've seen for the better part of a month now. 

Tony Gonzalez is NOT Terrell Owens.  There is a growing number of threads today trying to make Gonzo out to be a bad guy for asking to break an all time record at home.  I've even seen a parallel drawn to the likes of Terrell Owens.  I know there are a LOT of stories out there about players who put themselves first.  The likes of T.O., 85, Plaxico and the lot have done a lot to contribute to the image of spoiled children who throw tantrums when they don't get their way.  With that said, from what I read of this situation, it wasn't arrogance or self-importance that drove his pleas, it was a desire to break the record (which he's gonna do soon enough anyway) at home.....in Arrowhead.....with his family.....and the tens of thousands of fans who have been behind him for years.  I think he wanted to do it more for them than for himself.  This isn't week 17 and he's trying to squeeze in one more catch for a seasonal record that may or may not present itself again.  This is a career receiving mark that he WILL hold, it's just a question of when.  I'm not going to condemn a man who has always been an ambassidor for the sport for wanting to make this happen in K.C., not on the road where his fans can't share it.  Even if there were a selfish motive in this, which I don't believe, but even if there were, for a guy who has spent 10+ years being loyal to his team and a great image for the league, I'd still not say this is a T.O.-ism.  Speaking of....

Cowboys......get ready.  Dallas fans get ready.  The unstoppable ego of T.O. has risen to the surface and is just waiting to come out.  I saw the glimpse of the future last week when he gave the "As long as we're winning I'm happy" speech and then after the loss he gave the "They need to get me the ball more" comments.  A number of people (Patrick Crayton included) are trying to down play his comments as those of a frustrated competitor.  If Marvin Harrison were saying it, I'd buy that.  If it were Hines Ward, Lee Evans, Isaac Bruce.....etc., I'd buy it.  But I dont buy it from him.  Not from the guy who paced Donovan step for step barking in his ear.  Not from the guy who one year after signing a contract that got him $7.5 Million dollars complained that he needed a better contract to "feed his family", and then called the organization classless.  I know everyone involved from Jerry Jones on down felt that they could keep a lid on his ego, but I think this week we saw the first of what will become a number of incidents that will ultimately have us saying "same old T.O.".  I'd say try to nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand, but if he's already complaining despite drawing 18 targets, the me-me-me monster is coming......better buckle up. 

I'd like to express my deepest condolences to Matt Bryant and his family for thier loss.

And in a related matter, join the growing list of people who think the league needs to address the need for there to be a berievement policy enacted.  I know these guys make a LOT of money, but that doesn't compensate for the addition of a financial hardship onto a personal tragedy.  Roger and the lot, it's called compassion......look into it.

<<<<<<<<WWWWWHHHHHEEEEEWWWWWWW>>>>>>>  That was me adding to the collective sigh over the results of Anquan Boldin having his tests come back negative.  That was a scary hit and I'm glad to see that at the very least he avoided SERIOUS injury.  Maybe someone in the Cardinals organization needs a shot to the head to realize what this guy contributes to the team and they should respect that, despite having contract issues, he's still going out there day after day and doing his job. 

Round 4 (coincidentally) in the Packers vs. Favre bout goes to #4.  I'm not taking sides in this, but I do find it interesting that week to week there is still a LOT of talk about whether or not the Pack made the right move and if Brett is happy in NY, and blah, blah, blah.  After week 1 and 2 Rodgers was sailing, and Favre was sinking and everyone said that Thompson and McCarthy were the real Man-Genius's for letting Brett go.  Then in week 3, Rodgers struggled and suddenly everyone wasn't so sure.  Now Aaron is hurt, Flyyn is the starter, Brett threw for 6 this week, and the collective 100K plus residents of Green Bay, WI (and a slew of sports writers) are wondering, what if????  Here's a what if for you?  What if Flynn comes out and goes 24-32 for 309 and 3 TD's?  Wouldn't that be a Cinderella story?  "He's a cinderella boy........tears in his eyes I guess".  Good luck kid.

And with that ladies and gentlemen, I bid you a'dieu.
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